Pop Up Pirate Radio

As part of the 2011 State of Design festival the mis-design exhibition featured a ‘pop-up pirate radio tower’ inspired by David Foster Wallace’s celebrated novel, Infinite Jest was envisioned by architect and artist Adam Kalkin.

Pop Up Pirate Radio

Created from a locally salvaged shipping container and painted with geometric designs in blue, orange and white, the 40 foot tower hosted a narrowcast radio broadcast of  ‘spiritual tennis propaganda’ for the duration featuring local designers, architects, photographers, poets, musicians and performers.

The aim was to re-map the potential of contemporary art in a culture overwhelmed by design. To engage with design in a consciously provocative manner and exploit the internal irrationality of our materialist age.

My role involved creating a string of visual assets used during the lifespan of the radio installation including promotional pop-up boombox cards, volunteer clothing and exterior signage around the pirate radio tower.

The project was funded by the Victorian College of the Arts, and served as a catalyst to attract more cultural funding for Victoria, Australia.

Dan Salmon
Anya Trybala
Tegan Kop
Honor Eastly