Immersive experiences focussed on moments that touch the soul and connections that open the mind.


It all started with an idea.

A humble tiny thought. In the sunburnt country of Australia. To create the right moment, the right space and the right experience for those unconventional people who wanted to know more about the intellectual ideas of the early and late Enlightenment periods, early 1600s to early 1800s, that permeate all aspects of modern life and politics today.

In 2014, Enlightening was born, aiming to humanise the intelligence of this period of time in an updated fashion, with a range of talks on philosophy in a series of modern houses.

This didn’t cater to the typical name badges, bad coffee or impersonal, draughty halls of lecture. Instead, our aim was for more intimate gatherings in an intimate space.

We engaged in this for that moment, when an idea hits you. It becomes part of you. Becomes part of your own story. To unequivocally alter your course,  just enough to show you an inkling of what could become.

That moment is what Enlightning was about. Watching the unclear become clear in a persons eyes, so they can let their spirit flare to life.

A conversation around the kitchen table led by Michael Agar (Photo: Jeroen Komen)
Conversational jumping off points (Photo: Jeroen Komen)
Brendan Morse talking about the philosophy of trees. (Photo: Jeroen Komen)
Participants at the first Enlightning (Photo: Jeroen Komen)

Tim Grut
Trang Du

Honor Eastly
Brendan Morse
Michael Agar
Victoria Cullen