A modern approach to coaching.


Getting important information into the right hands ranks pretty high on the list of administrative tasks that are both inconvenient and outdated for professional coaches.

Not only is this process inaccessible to beginners, but it’s also a headache for anyone who’s short on time (translation: everybody).

So we aimed to find a better way.


Paving a new road to rise up.

Love to hate it or hate to love it, our complicated relationship with knowledge sharing software doesn’t change the fact that we are essentially using the same tools since the dawn of the internet.

Many companies and authors have offered up alternatives (Udemy, Maven, and Getting Things Done, for example), but there’s something about collaborative tools that keeps us coming back when it counts.


One mission, many perspectives.

So how do you design an educational product for people in a sea of information: By encouraging momentum and minimizing overwhelm, the aim was to kept tasks simple and straightforward.

Based on what we’d learned in research, it was important to help coaches and clients feel less overwhelmed by the challenges they’re facing.

That’s why the design of the product aimed to only present students with one task at a time, making progress feel attainable at every turn.

When the inevitable frustration sets in, I made sure to create an omnipresent collaborative section, available at all times for a breather or 1-1 support.

Taking the path we all want to travel.

Despite the MVP getting strong reviews, investor interest and advocacy from learning and development professionals, it failed to gain a larger audience outside of this core group and thus development of the product had to be halted.

Without Sam, Pavrr wouldn’t have existed.

— Drew Corby - Pavrr

Expertise: Design, UI, UX
Year: 2020
Deliverables: UI, UX, Desktop, Web, Strategy, User Research