The Privacy Policy

I greatly appreciate your interest in how the Sammy The Haymaker
site deals with privacy and GDPR rules? The ability to peek under the hood is a big part of what makes the web special.

Imagine if things had gone Adobe's way with Flash, with every site running on lil swf binaries. There wouldn't be an expectation of source accessibility. The web would be a different place.

Instead we collectively enjoy this practice of popping the hood and searching for clues. What frameworks does he use using? How pro is this wacky site? What are this person like?

STH is on Ghost. There are so many options in 2020 but Ghost is a nice addition to the landscape. Ghost doesn't track.

Back end

Because I use Ghost, I roll with a Ghost-adjacent host. I like Digital Ocean(, but there are lots of other good ones out there.


Since analytics can be confusing, I prefer to keep things simples. I like privacy focussed Fathom (, but there are lots of other good ones out there.

Hope this helps!

If you have any questions, I'm here.
I can offer some answers, but probably more questions.