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How to lead teams generously.

Top Five Movement

The Leading Generous Teams Podcast hosted by Clare Desira the founder of Top Five Movement peels back the curtain with a series of generous leaders to focus on how they are supporting their staff through this time, but also where they are finding their own support, what tools they are turning to and what other leaders can learn from their experience.


Flipping the script on the well being of leaders.

In season two, Clare chatted with community and for-purpose business leaders including Simon Griffiths from Who Gives a Crap and emergency and frontline leaders like Michelle Murphy from Ambulance Victoria to uncover the impact COVID-19 is having on their staff – the pressure of changing service delivery, the challenges of delivering on the front line during a pandemic, the financial uncertainty in the face of growing demand, and the mental health challenges of balancing all of this with other challenges, like home schooling.


Offering support in old and new ways.

The aim in producing season two was to leave generous leaders who listen in feeling hopeful and re-energized with ideas on how they can tackle these challenges and support their teams in new ways.

Production was done with a simple integration of known collaborative document and audio editing tools to streamline the process from the first recording through to each episode going live.

Leadership from listening.

The second season of ‘Leading Generous Teams’ podcast was kicked off with a successful launch, with the series delivered on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.

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– Clare Desira - Top Five Movement